Howa Rifles: Accuracy coupled with reliability

Howa rifles are one of the most reliable and accurate guns on the market. The Howa M1500 was first introduced in 1979 and has been widely used by avid hunters, and sporting shooters. Howa is known as a detail-oriented company that always goes the extra mile to perfect their products. Howa rifles are expertly built and feature many innovative features including a 2-stage HACT trigger for a lighter pull and more consistent let-off, 3-position safety to prevent misfire, superior hammer forged pre-hardened steel for durability and a reliable M16-style extractor and ejector to name just a few.

So if you’re wondering if Howa is a good rifle, the answer is yes. We would highly recommend Howa rifles. Our store has the best selection of Howa rifles in Australia at the most competitive prices. We offer multiple types of Howa M1500 for sale — Varmint Blued and Sporter Stainless, included — and other high-quality rifles. All our employees are experienced hunters and shooters, you can always ask them for advice about Howa rifles.

Why choose Howa

First thing you should know about Howa rifles is that they’re sold worldwide and universally acclaimed as one of the best in terms of performance. Howa is a Japanese company with a long history in the machinery manufacturing business. The company has been producing firearms for years, largely contributing to the Japanese armament industry during World War II. Howa rifles are sought after by sporting shooters and hunters for their innovative design, incredible stability and accuracy. The latest M1500 rifle was based on the successful Golden Bear rifle first introduced in 1967. Since then, Howa has been working on perfecting the M1500 to make it an absolute pleasure to handle and use.

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