Browning Rifles

Browning Rifles are known for their quality and reliability, as well as their excellent design and we’re proud to be one of their stockists in Australia. Browning was a pioneer in the use of high-quality steel and other materials to create rifles that could withstand the rigours of use in a range of conditions.

Browning Rifles have been appreciated for generations by people who shoot for sport as well as collectors. The legacy of John Moses Browning is a long one, and that legacy and the brand can be found in the design of each Browning rifle. He developed many new designs, including hammerless actions and top-loading magazines. His work was so influential that his designs have been utilised by many other gun manufacturers over the years. While Browning has made a variety of different types of firearms, including shotguns and pistols, the brand is arguably best known for its bolt-action rifles.

Take the new A Bolt 3 for example. This rifle is designed to produce a superb shot each time, due to its adjustable trigger system and impeccable accuracy. The BOSS System and hand-crafted barrel make this firearm accurate enough to disable nearly every type of game, from small game like rabbits to large game like deer.

When it comes to rifles, the magazine is one of the most underrated factors in its performance and once again Browning has excelled. The A-Bolt features a detachable box magazine that has a hinged floor plate, so you can access your ammo easily.

Another outstanding model is the Browning X- Bolt. This is a purpose-built hunting rifle that combines the most advanced technology with time-tested craftsmanship. It features a button-rifled barrel with a target crown, short 60° bolt lift that is fast cycling and allows you to work the bolt quickly without the scope getting in the way, ergonomic stock design, and many other features that make it one of the best hunting rifles on the market today.

When it comes to the world of lever-action rifles, the Browning BLR has several features that set it apart from other lever actions. It has a smooth action, is lightweight and has a good trigger. Unlike most lever-actions, the BLR benefits mightily from a detachable box magazine that allows the use of ammunition – including magnum calibres – with pointed bullets. A four-position folding hammer acts as an additional margin of safety. The trigger travels with the lever to prevent pinching fingers when working the lever.

Browning rifles when it comes to market price, are often seen as the best bang for your buck. If you're looking for a high-quality rifle for hunting that won't break the bank, Browning is the way to go.

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