Spika Gun Safes

Spika Gun Safes

The Importance of storing your firearms safely

National law in Australia requires all licensed gun owners to safely secure their firearms in an approved safe on their premises. As well as complying with current legislation, an approved firearms safe offers several additional benefits.

  • Protection against theft. One of the main advantages of a rifle safe is that only authorised people have access to its contents. Burglars and intruders might break into your house, but they won’t be able to steal or use your firearms if they’re safely locked away. A regular storage container won’t cut it. A Spika gun safe, for example, has a variety of safety measures depending on the model including an anti-pry system, digital keypad and multiple locking bolts.
  • Quick access. When you know exactly where your firearms are at any given time, it’s easier to retrieve them quickly. All digital keypad safes, including Spika safes, have key overrides so you have the convenience of accessing the safe with a 4-8 digit code, with the peace of mind of having a backup entry method.
  • Extra storage space. You can store valuable items in your gun safe like cash, documents and jewellery. Heat resistant gun safes can be an advisable option if your home is in a bushfire prone area for example as they provide protection of their contents for up to one hour at 870 degrees celsius.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for reliable gun safes in Australia for reasonable prices, you won’t find a better place than Horsley Park Gun Shop.


The first thing that most likely comes to mind is the size. How much space can you spare for your rifle safe? Are you planning on buying more firearms in the future? Are you going to keep other valuable items in there? Ask yourself all of these questions beforehand. We have a range of gun safes, including smaller budget options for two or three guns that still comply with current firearm laws. Our collection includes models right up to 150kg safes that can accommodate 20-30 firearms safely.

The next obvious thing is safety. Spika is one of the most reliable firearm safe manufacturers in Australia. These safes come with different levels of security measures from simple key locks to complicated systems with 7 live locks and a digital keypad.

The only thing you don’t have to think too much about is the price. People come to us precisely because we have the best quality to price ratio for a gun safe in NSW, possibly the best prices for Spika products in the whole of Australia. At our store you can often purchase reliable gun safes without breaking the bank.


Aside from competitive prices, we carry a variety of rifles and other firearms, ammunition, safe locks and more. Our team is highly professional and knowledgeable as they’re all experienced shooters. You can always ask them for advice and they’ll gladly tell you all about our collection of Spika safes for sale or different items you might be interested in. Order online or visit our store at Horsley Park just a minute away from the M7 and M4 motorways. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and check out our exclusive promotions and package deals for more great offers.